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UNIFIL's Force Commander visits Spanish troops deployed in the country

January 25, 2021
  • Italian General Stefano del Col highligted the excellent work done at Sector East and praised Spanish leadership

General Miragaya welcomed yesterday, for the first time as head of Sector East, UNIFIL's Force Commander, Italian General Stefano del Col. Upon his arrival, an honor guard saluted him at the 'Miguel de Cervantes' Base's main courtyard. the honor guard was made up of troops fom the Salvadorian, Servian and Spanish contingents.

After reviewing the troops, the Italian General saluted high representatives from the different nations at the base, as well as officers from the Libanon Brigade (BRILIB) XXXIV.

Afterwards, General del Col signed the Book of Honour and he was briefed at the operations centre on the situation within Sector East, wich is led by Spain, and the most significant activities carried out to date.

Then, UNIFIL's Force Commander addresed to the troops, thanking them the for the great work they are doing within the East Sector and encouraged them to carry on the same way, in the coming months.