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The personnel of BRILIB XXXIII receive The United Nations medal in Lebanon

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November 23, 2020
  • This distinction acknowledges the Brigade troops’ hard work during their deployment in the south of the country

The military medal parade for troops belonging to the 33rd UNIIFIL's Spanish contingent was held at the 'Miguel de Cervantes' Base, in Marjayoun, once they had fulfilled with the UN requirements to get awarded with this ribbon.

The ceremony, which was carried out with protection measures against COVID19, was chaired by UNIFIL's Force Commander, Italian General Stefano del Col, accompanied by the Spanish ambassador to Lebanon, José María Ferré de la Pain. After the welcoming ceremony and the review of the troops, the flags of United Nations, Lebanon and Spain were hoisted.

To pay tribute to the fallen, the paratroopers shouted out their battle mottos and then they sung the song 'la muerte no es el final'.

General Stefano del Col addresed all members of the BRILIB XXXIII to acknowledge for their dedication and effort to contribute to peace and stability in southern Lebanon, enforcing UN Security Council resolution 1701.

This is the fourth deployment of the 6th Brigade 'Almogávares' of Paratroopers (BRIPAC in Spanish) in Lebanon,  which plans to return to the Spain by mid-December, after completing a six-month tour in the Middle East, monitoring the cease fire resolutions in Lebanon's southern border.

The United Nations Medal is the international military decoration awarded by the United Nations to military personnel from around the world for their participation in military operations for the maintenance of peace and humanitarian efforts during, at least, 90 consecutive days in the area of operations.