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Spanish military personnel inaugurate new classroom in Lebanese school

February 25, 2020

·       BRILIB XXXII covered the construction costs of a multipurpose classroom in the state school of Bilda

A group of Spanish military of the Brigade in Lebanon (BRILIB) attended the opening of a multipurpose classroom in the state school of Blida, near the Spanish base. This is a cooperation project financed with Spanish funds that will allow the school to have an open space to organize complementary activities.

These Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) projects are an immediate mechanism to establish close ties with Lebanese society, as well as to promote the development of the area, which has a direct impact on the adequate progress of the United Nations mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The opening ceremony was attended by UNIFIL Sector East Commander, General Marco Llago Navarro, and the General of the Paratrooper Brigade Luis Sáez Rocandio, who is making a field visit in Lebanon and who will take over from General Llago as commander of BRILIB XXXIII.

Civil-Military Cooperation

Efforts are made to implement CIMIC cooperation activities in international missions. These activities can be 'quick impact projects', such as the construction of water wells, donation of educational material for use in schools or the conditioning of small infrastructures, among others. These are quick actions, with positive, tangible and immediate results, which are one of the fundamental tools for a successful mission. Specifically, in 2019, the Spanish Armed Forces carried out 31 projects of this type in Lebanon.

Another type of projects are the long-term development programmes, aiming to consolidate the collaboration with society in the countries where the Spanish troops are deployed.