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"If you have, make sure they have", a humanitarian initiative promoted by a young woman from Almeria

January 10, 2020

·       The Legion delivered in Marjayoun the material collected in various educational centers of Almeria by the young Spanish girl Claudia Coca

Claudia Coca González, 17 years old, from Almería, presented last April at the Headquarters of the Legion Brigade a proposal for a solidarity project consisting of the collection of school, sports and textile material in some schools in Almería with a view to its subsequent transfer and distribution to Lebanon, taking advantage of the fourth deployment of the Legion in this country. The project was part of the "Leader Code" course organized by the Family, Society and Education Foundation (FASE) with the mediation of the Almedina Club.

Once the administrative procedures were completed and all the necessary permits were obtained, this week part of the collected material was handed over to Maya Hasbani, head of Social Affairs of the province of Marjayoun, where the Spanish base is located, in order to be distributed among the most needy.

Leader Code is a program of the FASE Foundation whose mission is to train young people as agents of change in their social and professional environment. It is aimed at women between the ages of 14 and 18 and is carried out in youth associations and non-formal educational entities, an ideal place to fully develop the personal identity.

FASE Foundation was founded in Madrid in 1976 as an educational, charitable, cultural and non-profit institution.