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Task Force Toro' completes move to new Toro facility at Al-Asad base

At Al-Asad Airbase, Iraq
September 20, 2023
  • The move to this new aeronautical complex is a significant improvement over the previous facilities.

With the completion of the assembly of the communications structure, the move to the new Task Force Toro air complex at the Iraqi base of Al-Asad, hitherto owned by Italy, has been completed. ISPUHEL Unit XVIII will operate from this facility, in the mission with the Coalition, under the operational control of the Operations Command.

The main elements of this new complex include two hangars with sufficient capacity to house four Cougar HT27 helicopters currently assigned to the Unit to carry out missions under Operation Inherent Resolve. They also have, among other things, an integrated air conditioning system, LED lighting and a useful volume of working space that triples the capacity previously available and represents an extraordinary improvement in working conditions for all Maintenance and Flight Unit personnel, especially in terms of ambient temperature and lighting for night operations.

These facilities are complemented by a new fully modular TOC (Tactical Operation Center), a new Class IX warehouse and functional products, armoury, infirmary, carpentry, rest areas and toilets, all of which undoubtedly provide optimal working conditions for all the military personnel deployed in the area.