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Marfil Tactical Air Detachment supports Mother Paule Lapique School

In Thiès, Senegal
April 2, 2024
  •  The 44th Contingent of the Marfil Tactical Air Detachment has supported the Mother Paule Lapique School in the configuration, standardization and fine-tuning of computer terminals

The airmen of the 'Communications and Information Systems' (CIS) Module belonging to the 44th Contingent of the Marfil Tactical Air Detachment have selflessly supported, during their rest hours, the Mother Paule Lapique School located in the town of Sangue (Thiès Region, Senegal).

This action consisted in the configuration of forty-two laptops owned by the Mother Paule Lapique School, which will be used by over three hundred Senegalese children and young people enrolled in their computer science subject.

After a process of several weeks, these airmen of the CIS Module have achieved to standardize all these terminals that came from different places in Europe, have managed to adapt the keyboards to the French language, have improved the security of the terminals with the creation of different users with different roles, and then have proceeded to the installation of free office software.

This type of support contributes to generating a very positive vision of Spain and our Armed Forces among the Senegalese teaching staff and the families of these children and young people in school, given that it represents a quality leap in their education in new technologies.