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'Marfil' detachment personnel deliver sports equipment to the Forest Football School in Dakar

En Dakar,Senegal
June 27, 2023
  • The school, run by former footballer Limamou M'Bengue, aims to help street children.

Personnel from the 41st contingent of the Ivory Detachment, part of Operation A/M and based at the "Escale Aeéronautique Commandant Lemaitre", have travelled to Dakar to deliver various sports and school materials to the El Bosque football school in Dakar. The school is run by Limamou M'Bengue "Lima", a Senegalese player who has played for several clubs in the Spanish league, including Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid B.

This event at the Escuela de Futbol del Bosque in Dakar is an example of how solidarity can make a difference in people's lives. The practice of sport among young people helps them to promote values such as solidarity, companionship and teamwork.

The Senegalese Limamou M'Bengue, after a very hard life and returning to his country, founded the Football School sponsored by Vicente del Bosque with the aim of helping the children of his country and being able to take them off the streets where they live.

Vicente del Bosque Soccer School

The Escuela de Futbol del Bosque was created in 2014, after Limamou M'Bengue returned in 2012 from his footballing journey in Spain. After returning home and with no money, his only obsession was to create a football school to take poor children off the streets.

With very limited means and sponsored by Vicente del Bosque, who regularly sends him sports equipment, his dream is that one day a child will be able to triumph in a European league.