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The Spanish Verification Unit participates in the Vienna Document Event 2011 in Finland

Rovaniemi (Finlandia)
December 10, 2021
  • 46 representatives from 25 countries of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and one representative of the OSCE participated.

A total of 47 OSCE delegates participated in the Vienna Document Event 2011 in Finland from 21 to 26 November, learning about the operational organization, tasks and new weapon systems of the units visited.

The Spanish representation was composed of Colonel Francisco Lanza Moya, head of the Spanish Verification Unit, accompanied by the senior non-commissioned officer of the unit.

After the official welcome to the delegates, several briefings were given by a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a representative of the Ministry of Defence, a representative of the Finnish Armed Forces and also by the Director of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Center (CPC). During the following days the delegates visited the Lapland Air Base (Rovaniemi), the 'Jaeger' Brigade, as well as the Rovajärvi military practice ground where a live-fire demonstration of a 155 PSH K9 FIN (Moukari) gun battery, recently acquired by the Finnish Army took place.

The region of Lapland is known by its extreme climatic conditions, temperatures of -30ºC in winter and only a few hours of sunlight per day, which makes it a reference place in the preparation for war in the Arctic.

The Finnish Verification Unit was responsible for organizing the event, together with the units involved. All of them gave an excellent image of their Armed Forces