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The Commander of NATO Allied Air Command pays official visit to Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejon

Torrejón AFB, Madrid
November 30, 2021
  • General Harrigian thanked CAOC staff for their excellent work for the benefit of Allied security on the southern flank

The Commander of NATO's Allied Air Command (AIRCOM), US Air Force General Jeffrey P. Harrigian, paid an official visit to the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) at Torrejon.

General Harrigian was greeted upon his arrival to CAOC by the CAOC Commander, General De la Cruz, the CAOC Deputy Commander and Director of the Air Operations Centre, along with colonels and lieutenant colonels representing each of the nations with personnel assigned to the CAOC.

After a brief meeting with the commander, General Harrigian addressed the CAOC staff, presenting the strategic vision of medium- and long-term plans for selected logistical, operational and organisational matters within Allied Air Command and its subordinate agencies.

Afterwards, CAOC Commander, General De la Cruz, accompanied by CAOC Deputy Commander and the Director of the Air Operations Centre, held a discussion with General Harrigian in which aspects related to operations in the area of responsibility of CAOC Torrejon were discussed.


Under the Allied Air Command within the NATO command structure, CAOCs are responsible for planning, tasking, directing, coordinating and supervising air operations assigned by member nations in their area of responsibility. CAOC Uedem oversees areas such as Iceland and the Baltic Sea, and CAOC Torrejon is responsible for the Black Sea region; both CAOCs work with the corresponding national warning and control centres to fulfil the mission of safeguarding NATO airspace throughout Europe.


The main mission of CAOC-Torrejon, under the direct command of a Spanish Air Force lieutenant general, is to plan, direct, coordinate, supervise, analyse and report on air defence operations in Southern Europe, following the directives of NATO´s Air Component.

The Spanish Armed Forces make an important contribution to the mission carried out by this centre. Some 120 Spanish military personnel serve in the CAOC as well as in the National Support Element (NSE) and the NATO Communications and Information Agency Unit (NCIA).