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Slovenian Vienna Document 2011 Inspection in Switzerland

June 17, 2021
  • A member of the Spanish Verification Unit (UVE) participated as a guest within the multinational inspection team

An inspection team (IT) led by Slovenia, in which a member of the Spanish Verification Unit (SVU) has participated as a guest, has conducted an area inspection in Switzerland, in accordance with the Vienna Document 2011 (VD11).

The multinational team, composed of three Slovenian inspectors and one Spanish inspector belonging to the SVU, has carried out an inspection in Switzerland within a designated area of approximately 7,600 km2.

The designated area is specified by the inspecting country in a prior notification and within the parameters set by the DV11. The main objective of the inspection is to verify that no notifiable military activities as defined by the VD11 are taking place in the designated area.

The inspection started on the day the team arrived in Zurich. From that moment on, the inspection team had 48 hours to carry out the aforementioned inspection.

During the inspection, the IE was briefed by representatives of the different units located within the specified area; Operations Command, Training Command, Territorial Division No. 2, Air Base No. 13, Territorial Division No. 3, Air Base No. 7 and Alpine Air Base No. 2.

Noteworthy was the openness and transparency shown by the Swiss representatives who escorted the IS at all times.