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Spanish Verification Unit conducts an evaluation exercise of 12th Wing according to the Vienna Document 2011

Torrejón AFB
April 28, 2021
  • The Spanish Verification Unit (UVE) has conducted a training drill focused on inspection and escort teams within the 12th AF Wing, according to the Vienna Document 2011

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no arms control activities have been conducted in applicable areas of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) and the Vienna Document 2011 (VD11) since March 2020.

In anticipation of resuming the missions as soon as health conditions allow it, and given the fact that it is impossible to conduct this sort of drill at the international level, four training activities have been organised for the UVE’s personnel. Said exercises have been scheduled in Units located in Madrid between April and June.

After the VERIFEX I/21 exercise at the Airborne Brigade on April 14, the VERIFEX II/21 was carried out within the 12th Wing facilities, involving an evaluation exercise according to the VD11.

According to the provisions of this Document, participating States may receive evaluations of their active units in their normal peacetime locations to allow other countries to evaluate the information provided in the annual exchange of information.

During this exercise, the operating procedures of the UVE for inspection and escort teams have been put into practice, as well as the use of the English and Russian languages, common ones in real verification activities.


These practices unify the performance standards and optimize the learning of inspectors and escorts, and raise the degree of preparedness of the units affected by arms control and confidence and security building measures in Europe.