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The Chief of Staff of the Army presents the Rapid Deployable Corps Headquarters in Bétera to the Chief of Defence

Bétera, Spain
November 10, 2020
  • This is the first of the three visits scheduled to first-level Army Headquarters that can act in support of the Armed Forces’ joint action.

The Chief of Staff of the Army (JEME in Spanish), Army General Francisco Javier Varela Salas, presented this morning to the Chief of Defence (JEMAD in Spanish), Air General Miguel Ángel Villarroya Vilalta, the Rapid Deployable Corps Headquarters (CGTAD in Spanish) in Bétera (Valencia).

The Rapid Deployable Corps Headquarters is one of the three first-level commanding structures of the Army which can be made available to the CHOD and, in this way, contribute to the joint action of the Armed Forces.

The CGTAD is the highest-level Army organization capable of planning and conducting high-intensity combat operations as the national Land Component Command (MCT in Spanish). Simultaneously it is certified by NATO as NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC Spain) to lead Alliance military missions as Joint Command (JHQ) or Warfighting Corps (WFC). It could also, where appropriate, become itself as an EU Operational Headquarters (OHQ).

During CHOD’s visit to the Bétera Army Base, in addition to providing him an overview of the unit, other military capabilities have been shown including the CGTAD/NRDC-ESP, which provides a leadership role, as a result of its character, multinational experience and permanent training. The CHOD also signed in the Book of Honour at the end of the visit.