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ESP CHOD opens the conference of EU Cyber Commanders, part of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union.

October 24, 2023
  • European Union Cyber Commanders meet in Madrid to establish elements of coordination and cooperation in the field of cyber defence.
  • The Chief of Defence , Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón, accompanied by the Commander of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE), Major General Rafael García Hernández and the 2nd Commander of the MCCE, Rear Admiral Francisco Javier Roca Rivero, inaugurates the Cyber Commanders' Conference (CyberCo), part of the activities planned within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, corresponding to the second half of this year.

    During his welcome, he highlighted a number of powerful ideas that make it possible to create a practical frame of reference for initiating international cooperation at the cyber level, an indispensable element for guaranteeing both the security of the European Union (EU) and that of each and every one of the countries that make up the European organisation. Among the most relevant ideas, he emphasised the reality of cyberspace as the fifth domain in the planning of any military operation and even in the national security scheme, which affects all levels, from the strategic to the tactical, including, of course, the operational level.

    ESP CHOD emphasised the essential idea: "we are not fighting traditional combatants, we are broadening the spectrum of defence to multiple areas, such as protection against cyber-attacks of different kinds that we may face, as well as understanding that we are influenced by and under constant threat from disinformation and the massive spread of fake news by our rivals". The level of scope of cyber threats is absolutely comprehensive and can affect every single citizen in the EU.

    ESP CHOD highlighted the great value of meetings such as CyberCo in establishing key points of reference from which to establish elements of coordination common to all our countries, which must be allies in a spirit of cooperation within this environment. The cyber field, deeply marked by the dizzying evolution of its tools, is characterised by obsolescence, since in many cases they are only useful on a single occasion (such is the pace of technological renewal), and requires not only cooperation and coordination, but also the constant development of new technical tactics and procedures by the different European Union Cyber Joint Commands.

    In this respect, cooperation between the military and public sphere and the private sphere is essential and indispensable, making private companies focal points from which to maintain the technological competitive advantage that characterises the European Union.

    International relations and cyber-diplomacy are undoubtedly indispensable tools for understanding that this fifth operational domain can only be tackled successfully if different countries, organisations and private companies join forces.

    Spain, as a reliable partner of reference, acts as a cohesive element in leading and organising this meeting of cyber commanders, which will lay the foundations for future exercises and meetings aimed at further increasing the guarantees of success in cyber defence and the operational capacity for the use of networks by our Armed Forces and those of our allies. We, as partners, friends and allies, are not the weakest link.