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The Chief of Defence Staff gives a lecture at the Basque Businessmen Society.

In Bilbao
June 23, 2023
  • The general admiral López Calderón has visited the University of Deusto where he has spoken about the current geostrategic environment.

The Chief of Defence (JEMAD in Spanish), General Admiral, Teodoro Esteban López Calderón, has given a lecture about the Spanish Army and the Defence Industry to the members of the Basque Business Society in Bilbao on Thursday 22nd.

After the conference, there has been a round table on which the JEMAD and the rest of businessmen have shared their opinions on the importance of counting on a strong technological and industrial base to achieve a strategic autonomy.

Next, the General Admiral has visited the University of Deusto, where he has delivered a presentation on the role of the Spanish Army in the current geostrategic environment. After the presentation, there has also been an interesting talk with some businessmen, civil authorities, thinkers and army men.