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Chief of Defence visits Mauritania

Nouakchott, Mauritania
July 15, 2022
  • Admiral General Teodoro E. López Calderón meets with military and civil authorities, contributing to strengthen ties and mutual commitment to security in the Sahel 

Chief of Defence, Admiral General Teodoro E. López Calderón, was on an official visit to Mauritania from July 13 to 15. He had the opportunity to meet with senior Mauritanian military authorities.

The head of the Joint Special Operations Command, General Ángel Herrezuelo Pérez accompanied the CHOD on the trip.

During his visit, the CHOD was received by the Mauritanian Defence Minister, Hanena Ould Sidi, and held a working meeting with the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, General Mokhtar Bolle Chabaane. Both meetings contributed to strengthening ties and mutual commitment to security in the Sahel. CHOD's visit also made it possible to boost ongoing bilateral security activities and explore new cooperation initiatives.

The Spanish military delegation, headed by the CHOD, also met with the Spanish ambassador to Mauritania, Miriam Álvarez de la Rosa Rodriguez, and they had a meeting with the Spanish military that participate in cooperative security actions in the country. Specifically, with 12 Army military who are currently completing the training of Mauritanian soldiers, in courses on precision shooting and urban areas movement. Admiral López Calderón inquired about the ongoing activities as well as his impact on the operational capabilities of the Mauritanian armed forces and on the bilateral relations between the two countries. He also conveyed his gratitude to the Spanish contingent for the effort and professionalism they are showing.

During the visit to Mauritania, the CHOD visited the Polytechnic School of Engineering of the University of Nouakchott Al Aasriya, an example of Mauritania's commitment to modernization in the military and civil spheres. Admiral López Calderón expressed his interest in the cultural legacy and Mauritanian traditions during a guided tour of the National Museum.