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ESP CHOD delivers the inaugural speech at the International Defence and Security Exhibition

November 4, 2021
  • Admiral general López Calderón provides some keys to the operational environment 2035

Chief of Defence Staff (JEMAD in Spanish), Admiral General Teodoro Esteban López Calderón, delivered the inaugural speech of the second edition of the International Defence and Security Exhibition (FEINDEF in Spanish), which started today at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid.

After thanking for the invitation to participate in the exhibition and congratulating all the people who have worked in its organization for their tenacity and enthusiasm, JEMAD pointed out that FEINDEF is "a unique occasion to gather the main figures of the Spanish military field and of our friendly and allied countries, together with the representatives of the main companies dedicated to the security and defence sector".

Admiral general Calderón went on to explain how the Spanish Armed Forces must evolve in order to be able to face the challenges foreseen in the horizon marked by the year 2035. "We need balanced, viable and sustainable Armed Forces, which remain at the forefront of technology to be able to maintain superiority over potential adversaries”-he said.

He also stressed the importance of research and innovation, as well as the need for close cooperation between industry, universities and the Armed Forces.  "The advances, taking into account the necessary resources, should be incorporated not only to the procurement, but also to the evolution of weapon systems during their entire life cycle, as well as an adequate maintenance, a key factor in order to keep the acquired capabilities fully operational".

The Chief of Defence Staff also appealed to the principle of agility to achieve a total adaptation to the operational environment in 2035, "from the structural point of view, from the point of view of people, procurement and capabilities management and, of course, operations".