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Chief of Defence Staff attends the Change of Command of the Eurocorps Command Group ceremony

In France
September 2, 2021
  • Spanish Major General Rafael Colomer Martínez del Peral takes over as Deputy Commander of the Eurocorps.

This morning, a military parade was held on the occasion of the replacement of the Eurocorps Command Group which was attended, among other international civil and military authorities, by the Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral General Teodoro Esteban López Calderón.

During the ceremony, Major General Rafael Colomer Martínez del Peral took over from General Blotz (Germany) as deputy Commander of the Eurocorps. Likewise, Brigadier General Fernando Luis Gracia Herreiz handed over the command as Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations to General Deuer (Germany).

The ceremony started with the Eurocorps Framework Nations’ flags –Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Luxembourg- reception. Afterwards, the Commander of the Eurocorps (COMEC) greeted the civil and military authorities and reviewed the troops.

After the medal parade, the Spanish CHOD, representing the Spanish Armed Forces, was the witness of honour to the replacement of the Eurocorps Command group. General Colomer, in addition to assuming the position of Deputy Commander, becomes the head of the Spanish contingent of the Eurocorps.

During the ceremony, Spanish CHOD conferred three Crosses of Military Merit with white decoration on the following outgoing authorities, the Commander of the Eurocorps: Lieutenant General Kolodziej (France), the Deputy Commander of the Eurocorps, Major General Blotz (Germany) and the Chief of Staff of the Eurocorps, Major General Pau (France).

After the military parade, the Spanish CHOD took part in the reception of authorities and guests, in which he thanked General Gracia for the work he has done and congratulated General Colomer on his new position, wishing both of them good luck in their new assignments.