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CHOD's preface on the first issue of 'El Camino de los Héroes' magazine (ECH)

March 16, 2021

Today's geostrategic scenario has become more complex and unpredictable, global in nature and encompasses different spheres. From the traditional physical to the virtual or cognitive. The new threats are hybrid in nature, intermingling state and non-state actors with terrorist attacks, cybernetic attacks and disinformation activities.

The different missions of our Armed Forces (FAS) abroad are Spain's firm commitment to international stability, but it is also a national necessity, as it is no longer possible to distinguish between external and internal security. Today, security is global and begins with stabilising those places in crisis, whether due to international terrorism or as a consequence of failed states caused by poverty or war.

Likewise, through permanent operations, Spanish Armed Forces carry out 24/7 surveillance over areas of national interest, including our waters, airspace, outer space, land borders and cyberspace, in order to detect and counter possible risks to our interests.

All these efforts and initiatives contribute to providing security. Societies such as ours are based on basic pillars, such as access to health care, the right to education, justice and a system of social benefits. These pillars can only be guaranteed if there is an acceptable level of security.

Spain faces new challenges which, together with the current volatile geopolitical situation, require credible investment in defence and close cooperation with our allies, making us stronger to overcome the challenges that lie ahead of us towards a future full of hope.