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Vice-Admiral Alfonso Delgado Moreno, new Chief of Staff of Operations Command

Retamares, Madrid
December 21, 2023
  • The new Second-in-Command of the Maritime Operations Command (MOPS) had previously commanded the Maritime Task Force and the Maritime Operational Command.
"Today I take up the post of Second Commander and Chief of Staff of the Operations Command full of enthusiasm and pride," acknowledged Vice Admiral Alfonso Delgado Moreno, during his inauguration ceremony at the Retamares base in Madrid.
Vice Admiral Delgado began by reminding the military personnel who are far from their families "doing their duty in one of the more than 15 operations in which our armed forces are participating. Rest assured that from now on I will work tirelessly for them and for the success of the missions they are carrying out," he said.
He also wanted to remember the personnel of the Maritime Action Force and the Maritime Operational Command with whom he has shared these last 14 months, as its commander: "My thanks to the almost 2,500 men and women of the Maritime Action Force, who form a first-class team for the pride of the Navy and the whole of Spain".
As for the members of the MOPS, the Vice Admiral set out the lines of work based, fundamentally, on trust, loyalty, commitment and dedication, "I ask you to exercise responsible leadership, flexibility, innovation, initiative, always taking our values as a basis".
For his part, the Commander of the Operations Command, Lieutenant General Francisco Braco Carbó, officially welcomed him with three pieces of advice "that I consider essential: prudence in your decisions, firmness in your decisions and fairness in applying them".