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The first basic cyber operations specialisation course beguins at the Joint Cyber Defence Command

Retamares, Madrid
November 17, 2023
  • Course aims to instruct troops in the techniques and methods used in cyber-operations.

The Military School of Cyber Operations (EMCO), part of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE), has begun the first Basic Course of Specialisation in Cyber Operations (CBECO). This course will allow the JCSCM to equip its new recruits, most of them coming from their respective Troop Training Centres, with the necessary cyber skills to be able to carry out their duties to the full.

The MCCE's cyber combatant unit, the Cyberspace Task Force, will be joined by 20 new operators who are well prepared to deal with any cyber threat during the course of their service with the Command. In a changing, dynamic and technologically advanced environment, new perspectives and personnel with a broad learning capability are required.

EMCO is a recently created school that has already attracted the interest of other allied countries, both Latin American and European, who have been interested in learning how the school is organised and what kind of skills are taught.