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The Joint Cyberspace Command gets first place in the V National Cyber League organized by the ‘Guardia Civil’

Aranjuez, Madrid
November 16, 2023
  • After a tournament that put the skills of our competitors to the test, the MCCE team won the event.

Under the directives set by the 2019 National Cybersecurity Strategy, the Guardia Civil has organised a series of annual Cyber Leagues with the aim of promoting the culture and commitment to Cybersecurity as well as boosting human and technological capabilities.

This fifth edition, which is becoming increasingly relevant, once again involved a team of technical experts from the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE).

In the final phase, after two days full of challenges and complicated tasks in this field, the JCCM team won the 'professional' category, demonstrating the high level of expertise and skills of the command's experts.

This type of event not only serves to put into action the lessons learned from previous years or to improve skills, but also fulfils the need to develop a defence culture in our society, allowing institutions related to defence and national security to compete and cooperate with teams from the academic and private sectors. Congratulations to our teammates for their well-deserved success.