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NATO centre of excellence against improvised explosives devices collaborates with Hungary's army on training days

Szentendre, Hungary
March 23, 2023
  • The Counter-IED Centre of Excellence (C-IED CoE) is an International Military Organisation whose areas of activity include research, development, training and advice on C-IEDs in NATO and allied areas.

The Counter-IED Centre of Excellence conducted an Electronic IED Workshop at the Hungarian Army Non-Commissioned Officers Academy in Szentendre in March. The workshop, requested by Hungary as a nation participating in the Centre's activities and support, is part of the annual work programme approved by the Steering Committee, which includes 12 NATO and Allied nations.

The aim of this activity, whose audience is C-IED warfighting personnel (intelligence and EOD in this case), is to update knowledge of the main electronic components used in IED manufacturing and to run a workshop on the manufacture of simulated electronic IEDs that can be used in force training. Also, a talk on the IED threat update was conducted in which emerging Techniques, Tactics and Procedures were briefed.

The electronics experts together with the EODs stationed at the Centre are constantly updated on emerging threats and are able to replicate those ordnance in common use with the intention of improving force training. Developing such initiatives supports the C-IED Community of Interest, improving C-IED training and increasing understanding of the C-IED domain among Allied Nations.


The Improvised Explosive Device Centre of Excellence (C-IED CoE), one of 28 NATO Accredited Centres of Excellence, is located in Hoyo de Manzanares, Madrid.

Its mission is to provide expert support to NATO, NATO partners and the International Community in the fight against the IED System in order to increase the security of deployed troops by reducing or eliminating the IED threat, especially from terrorist and insurgent networks.

The C-IED CoE is staffed by intelligence, electronics and EOD specialists who contribute, through various events, to the development of key capabilities related to the C-IED fight.

The C-IED CoE was offered by Spain to NATO as part of its network of Centres of Excellence and accredited by the Alliance in November 2010.