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2023 bilateral conference on training and exercises with the United States

March 21, 2023
  • The Bilateral Training and Exercise Conference (BTEC) met on 14 and 15 March 2023 at the Army Artillery Academy in Segovia to coordinate the adoption of a bilateral programme of training and exercise activities. The meeting was attended by representatives of Headquarters, Commands and Units of the US Armed Forces

The Bilateral Training and Exercise Conference with the United States of America (BTEC), organized by the Force Development Division of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMACON) together with the US-Spanish Standing Committee was held at the Spanish Army Artillery Academy in Segovia on March 14 and 15.

The origins of this conference date back to 1952, since then it has sustained its purpose of coordinating mutual training proposals from both sides, with the aim to achieve a higher force readiness, more efficient training, and better interoperability between the Armed Forces of the United States and Spain.

To coordinate these bilateral training and exercise activities, the BTEC has set up eight working groups covering land, maritime, air, special operations, military emergency support, health and legal activities, and for the first time since its creation cyber activities. With almost 100 participants representing the Headquarters, Commands and Units of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Air Force, Military Emergency Unit, Operations Command, Joint Special Operations Command, Joint Cyberspace Command, Operational Health Headquarters and EMAD Legal Advisory, as well as various US Commands and Units based in Europe.

The work undertaken by the experts from both countries in the different Working Groups has made it possible to update the activities agreed in 2023 and to coordinate the 160 activities planned for 2024, with 31 new training opportunities having been opened up, including 4 in the cyber area.

The memoranda will reflect the exercises to be included by the Army, Navy and EMAD agencies in their training programs. At the joint level, the agreed exercise program will be included in both the Exercise Planning Directive and the National Combined Joint Exercise Program

The conference has helped, once again, to strengthen the excellent bilateral relations between Spain and the United States