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The Joint Cyberspace Command gives several lectures on cyber threats in Calatayud and Burgos

Calatayud and Burgos
February 22, 2023
  • Members of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) have given informative presentations at military and civilian training centers.

As part of the awareness programs planned for 2023, the Joint Cyberspace Command has carried out several activities during February 15 and 16 in Calatayud and Burgos. These cyber threat awareness campaigns become basic pillars when it comes to reaching a wider audience.

The first of the conferences took place at the Army Logistics Academy together with representatives of the Guardia Civil and the Army. A large number of students of this Academy were informed about the functions of the MCCE and the cyber threats they will face during their professional life. Special emphasis was placed on the reminder that, in the face of the keyboard, we are all combatants and vulnerable vectors of access to sensitive equipment and information, both personal and professional.

During that day, in the afternoon session, the Command had the opportunity to expose its organic and main features in the Professional Training Center CIFP - Juan de Colonia in Burgos, specifically to the Specialization Course in Cybersecurity in Information Technology environments. An audience of no more than fifteen people was expected, however, the interest generated increased the influx to triple it. This is further evidence of the need of society in general to obtain quality information about the Armed Forces.

Throughout 2023, these visits, presentations, round tables and conferences will be developed and multiplied, since one of the objectives set by the MCCE is to raise awareness in the Armed Forces and also in Spanish society of the importance of cybersecurity in all aspects of our daily lives