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The Joint Special Operations Command gets trained in planning and conducting special operations

Retamares, Madrid
October 3, 2022
  • MCOE carries out its most important annual exercise, the SOFEX-22

From September 29 to October 7, the Special Operations’ annual exercise SOFEX-22 takes place, whose objective is training in planning, conduction and execution of Special Operations, of limited geographical scope and duration, from the commanding post of the Joint Special Operations Command (MCOE) at the Retamares Base, organized and structured as the National Special Operations Component Command (SOCC-n).

The combat resources or Special Operations Tasks Groups (SOTG), along with their combat support participating in the exercise, depend on this SOCC-n. In addition, a team is set up to be responsible for giving the exercise realism, embedding the applicable incidents to achieve the training objectives, both for the units being trained in the exercise and for the MCOE itself.

SOFEX-22 include Special Operation units from the Army's Special Operations Command (MOE), the Navy's Special Naval Warfare Force (FGNE) and the Air Force and Space Parachute Sapper Squadron (EZAPAC) as well as NH-90 helicopters from the Army’s FAMET, SH60B helicopters from the Navy’s Aircraft Flotilla 10th Squadron; IRS intelligence gathering means such as the Scan Eagle, among others, in addition to other support units and simulation equipment.

The scenario is set in a fictitious unstable area, where territorial conflicts arise due to the shortage of raw materials. At present, all the aforementioned units are deployed in an Advanced Operating Base at the “Héroes de Revellín” Base, Agoncillo, (La Rioja), from where they will carry out their operations during the development of the exercise.

SOFEX is the only national joint special operations live exercise (LIVEX), which is carried out on an annual basis and which allows the command echelons to be put into practice, as well as to promote and enhance the interoperability of the Special Operations Units (UOE), air and combat support assets involved in a special operation.