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Personnel from Colombia’s Advanced Military Studies Course visit the Joint Cyberspace Command

Retamares, Madrid
September 20, 2022
  • • The visit is part of the cooperation and international relations of the Ibero-American Cyber Defence Forum

A group of 33 military, students of Colombia’s Advanced Military Studies Course, belonging to the armies of Colombia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, visited the facilities of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) at the Retamares Base, as part of a joint visit to the Operations Command and the MCCE.

The students were welcomed by MCCE’s Commander, Major General Rafael García Hernández, who was accompanied by MCCE’s Deputy Commander, Rear Admiral Francisco Javier Roca Rivero and by the Chief of General Staff, Navy Captain Manuel Alvargonzález Méndez.

Next, Rear Admiral Roca gave a lecture explaining the capabilities of the MCCE to the visiting students, as well as a historical overview of its origins, tasks and future projections. This initiative helps to consolidate relationships with the nations belonging to the Ibero-American Cyber Defence Forum, also fulfilling a double objective: sharing knowledge and increasing contacts on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.