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Members of the Spanish Verification Unit (UVE) participate in an assessment of ammunition depots and ammo in Peru

December 3, 2021
  • The assessment was carried out at the request of AMAT (Ammunition Management Advisory Team) and the Peruvian Army

Members of the Spanish Verification Unit (UVE) have participated in an assessment of ammunition depots and ammo in Peru at the request of AMAT (Ammunition Management Advisory Team) -depending on the GICHD (Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining)- and the Peruvian Army.

The evaluation process included meetings with different members of the Peruvian Army and visits to several Peruvian ammunition depots and units.

The ammunition depots evaluated were the Cruz de Hueso ammunition depot (near Lima), the CEMUNE (in the city of Pisco), the Oropesa ammunition depot and the Cuzco ammunition depot.

Following the meetings and visits, the Peruvian Army indicated that the support from the SVU and AMAT for the development of basic national regulations for the country will be requested in the short term (in 2022). This support will consist of the development of regulations for the control and management of ammunition, surveillance and safety testing of ammunition, management of ammunition depots and possible support for the creation of powder analysis laboratories. In addition, the intention to continue with the evaluation of all Peruvian ammunition storage facilities and depots in accordance with IATG (International Ammunition Technical Guidelines) standards was confirmed.  

The Peruvian Army has requested that the Spanish Verification Unit channel other possibilities for collaboration, in addition to those already included in the plan for future bilateral cooperation, in relation to attendance at explosives deactivation courses for Peruvian military personnel at the Spanish Army Demining Centre. The Peruvian Army has also requested that members of the UVE continue to monitor the visits to depots, and that the Unit facilitate the participation of professors in the ammunition and weapons management and storage courses taught at the Peruvian Military School of Warfare Materiel.