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Chief of Staff Defence visits Army’s HQ

En Madrid
March 23, 2021
  • This is admiral general López Calderón's first visit to the Army’s HQ since he was appointed as Chief of Defence Staff

The Chief of Defense Staff (JEMAD in Spanish), admiral general Teodoro E. López Calderón, paid his first visit to the Buenavista Palace, Spanish Army Headquarters, where he was welcomed by the Army Chief of Staff (JEME in Spanish), army general Francisco J. Varela Salas.

The Honors Unit of the Infantry Regiment 'Inmemorial del Rey' nº 1, presented honors to the Spanish CHOD, after reviewing the Honor Guard accompanied by JEME, admiral general López Calderón greeted several Army officials, including Deputy JEME, lieutenant general Miguel Martín Bernardi, and the Commander of the Canary Islands Command, lieutenant general Carlos Palacios; Land Force Commander, lieutenant general José Rodríguez; NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Fernando García-Vaquero; Personnel Command, lieutenant General Guillermo Fernández; and Logistics Support Command, lieutenant general Fernando García y García de las Hijas.

After a short meeting between CHOD and JEME, they went to the Army High Council Hall, where army general Varela and lieutenant general Martín Bernardi each of them briefed admiral general López Calderón on the capabilities of the Army, emphasising on the Force 35 concepts. After both presentations, CHOD WENT to the Audience Hall of the Buenavista Palace, where he signed the Book of Honour.