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Spanish Chief of Defense Staff and the Foundation for Strategic and International Studies sign a partnership agreement

Retamares Base, (Pozuelo de Alarcón)
February 2, 2021
  • The aim is to promote the development of security and defense culture between the Ministry of Defense and the Foundation

The Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral general Teodoro López Calderón, on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, and the Director of the Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (FESEI), Miguel Álvarez de Eulate y Moreno, have signed a partnership agreement between both institutions. The signature ceremony was held at Retamares Base in Madrid.

"The signing of this agreement is a further step towards narrowing the gap between citizens, civilians and military, with the aim of enhancing a mutual understanding of the Defence and the work carried out by the Armed Forces" according to CHOD.

In this way, the main objective of this collaboration is to promote the development of the culture of security and defence through the performance of external curricular internships of FESEI students in units, centers and agencies within the Defence Staff, as well as encouraging the training and participation of CHOD’s staff on postgraduate courses, courses and other educational activities arranged by the Foundation.

Admiral General López Calderón has highlighted the importance of developing a culture of security and defence so that our society knows values and identifies with the Defence and the Armed Forces.  "With Defence, because this is a duty for all Spaniards, and with the Armed Forces because they work to safeguard 24/7 Spain's interests, within and beyond our borders," CHOD said.

On the other hand, FESEI's Chairman, Jose María Álvarez de Eulate y Peñaranda, pointed out that with this agreement the Foundation helps to fulfil two different goals: service to Spain and the promotion of the culture of security and defence as a safeguard of democracy.

FESEI carries out activities on teaching, research, scientific and technological development, and also teaches the Master’s Degree in Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence. The curricula corresponding to the master’s degree courses include the completion of external curricular internships for students taking these plans, in order to complement their academic training.

MOPS has currently students from the Foundation as trainees. By signing this agreement, these internships will be extended to the rest of Defence Staff HQ's units.