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The Spanish Chief of Joint Staff visits CAOC Torrejón

Torrejon Air Base (Madrid)
December 15, 2020
  • It is the first JEMACON's official visit to the Centre

The Chief of Joint Staff (JEMACON in Spanish), Lieutenant-General Fernando García González-Valerio, has visited the Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón (CAOC TJ) on Monday.

During the visit, JEMACON was reported by CAOC's Commander, Lieutenant-General Fernando de Cruz Caravaca, on the Unit's primary mission and its operational situation within its area of responsibility. JEMACON was also briefed on CAOC's response to different threats on the airspace.

The post of CAOC TJ Commander is filled by a Lieutenant-General of the Spanish Air Force. CAOC's primary mission is to plan, direct, coordinate, monitor, analyse and report on air policing operations in southern Europe, according to NATO's Joint Force Air Component.