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JEMACON opens up the NATO Concept Development and Experimentation International Conference

In Madrid
October 29, 2019

The meeting will be held in Madrid from 29th to 31st October

The General Staff Joint Command Chief (JEMACON in Spanish), the Admiral Francisco Javier González-Huix, has given the opening speech of the NATO Concept Development and Experimentation International Conference (CD&E), organized by the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Madrid from 29th to 31st October. The meeting is based on the collaborative participation of the allied countries in the capability’s identification process.

During his speech, the Admiral González-Huix has remarked the need “to look ahead”, towards a rapidly changing, uncertain, volatile and ambiguous future, to which it is essential to be adapted.

For this purpose, JEMACON has pointed out that the first step is to clearly define the new operating environment, characterized by the appearance of new actors, strong international competitiveness and a continuous technological development. The next step will be to identify the means we need, including not only materials and technology, but also, and most importantly, the human component.

As a committed partner to NATO, Spain is actively engaged in the Conference, mainly through the Joint Centre for Concept Development (CCDC in Spanish), within the Centre for Higher National Defence Studies (CESEDEN in Spanish). Thanks to this, we contribute to the process of identifying the military capabilities needed to meet the collective security challenges posed by future scenarios.