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Enhanced Surveillance and Deterrence to coincide with NATO Summit in Washington

July 9, 2024
  • The Maritime and Land Operational Commands will develop a series of activities aimed at reinforcing the active presence in areas of national interest.
Coinciding with the NATO Summit being held in Washington from 9 to 11 July, and in coordination with the Atlantic Alliance, the Operations Command (MOPS), through the Maritime Operational Command (MOM) and the Land Operational Command (MOT), as well as the frigate 'Alvaro de Bazán', will carry out reinforced surveillance and deterrence operations.
For its part, the MOM will have the participation of various units, including the patrol boats 'Vigía', 'Medas' and 'Isla de León', as well as the Coastal Artillery Defence Unit (UDACTA) and D4 maritime patrol aircraft in waters of national interest.
To materialise the active presence, the MOT will reinforce presence, surveillance and deterrence activities in the Autonomous Cities.
In addition, the Manoeuvre Helicopter Battalion VI (BHELMA) VI of the Canary Islands Command is currently conducting training flights with units of the Legion, Artillery and Engineers to reinforce this active presence in its area of responsibility.
For its part, the F-101 frigate 'Alvaro de Bazán' is joining this reinforced surveillance, through the Strait of Denmark, taking advantage of its integration as part of NATO's Standing Maritime Grouping No. 1 (SNMG 1) in Operation Atlantic Shield.
The aim of this initiative is to increase the intensity of surveillance through the reinforcement of naval and air presence in the area as part of the Presence, Surveillance and Deterrence Operations (OPVD), in order to increase security and deterrence to coincide with the aforementioned international event.
These units will play a key role in the surveillance and control of maritime and land activity, providing continuous surveillance and an effective deterrent presence during the NATO Summit in Washington.
Presence, Surveillance and Deterrence Operations focus on monitoring maritime traffic, identifying and assessing potential risks, and taking preventive action to ensure the security of the area. These measures reaffirm Spain's commitment to security and international cooperation, working closely with allies and partners during this important NATO meeting.

Presence, Surveillance and Deterrence Operations

Presence, Surveillance and Deterrence Operations are an effective tool for maintaining surveillance of national sovereignty spaces that allows for the early detection of threats and facilitates an immediate and viable response to a potential crisis.
The Land (MOT), Maritime (MOM), Air (MOA), Space (MOESPA) and Cyberspace (MOC) Operational Commands make up the Permanent Command structure. On a daily basis, some 3,000 Armed Forces personnel are involved in these types of operations under the operational control of the Operations Command.