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Joint Special Operations Command begins its period of readiness in the Allied Reaction Force.

In Solbiate Olona, Italy
July 9, 2024
  • Following certification, the MCOE, as the first HQ of the Special Operations Component Command of the Allied Reaction Force, began its standby period on 1 July.
The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), having been certified to be the first headquarters of the Allied Reaction Force (ARF) 24 Special Operations Component Command (SOCOM), begins its standby period. During this time, it will continue to work to maintain the capabilities it has achieved, as well as participate in further exercises as part of NATO's calendar of activities.
The formal start of the ARF standby period was the activation ceremony at the Ugo Mara Barracks in Solbiate Olona, Italy. The event was attended by, among other authorities, Italian Lieutenant General Lorenzo D'Addario, Commander of the ARF, and General Christopher G. Cavoli, Commander of Supreme Allied Command Europe (SACEUR). All Component Commanders subordinate to the ARF, including the Commander of the Spanish Joint Air Force Component (JFAC) and the Commander of the MCOE, as well as other NATO authorities, also participated.
This was followed by an update briefing at the NRDC-ITA HQ by the Component Commanders to SACEUR accompanied by the ARFF Commander, followed by a tour of the facilities.
SACEUR thanked the contributing countries for their efforts in providing forces to the ARF and reiterated its importance as a first responder, with a high degree of readiness and rapid deployment.
The standby phase involves constant readiness and preparedness to respond rapidly to any crisis situation that may arise. It must be ensured that special operations forces are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. This phase is crucial to maintaining the operational effectiveness and immediate response capability of ARF-24. This standby period ends on 30 June 2025.