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Joint Special Operations Command is preparing to begin the SOFEX-24 exercise.

In Pozuelo, Madrid
April 12, 2024
  • The NATO certification exercise for the Headquarters of the Allied Response Force Special Operations Component Command is being held at Retamares Base

On 15 April, the Special Operations exercise execution phase "SOFEX-24" will begin at Retamares Base, where the Joint Special Operations Command (MCOE in Spanish) will be certified as Special Operations Component Command Headquarters (SOCC HQ) of the NATO Alliance Response Force for its activation during the period from July 2024 to July 2025 (ARF 24-25).

SOFEX-24 is a Command Post eXercise (CPX) that will be carried out during different phases from 15 to 26 April 2024 and it will involve a total of 130 military personnel from the MCOE as well as key staff from different units of the Defence Staff, Armies and Navy that make up the SOCC HQ staff.

The ARF 24-25 Special Operations Component Command will be integrated by this SOCC HQ, as well as land, maritime and air special operations units; moreover, for command, control and communications tasks, as well as for logistical support, it will also rely on specific units for these purposes, all of them provided by the different Armies and the Navy.

In order to ensure the correct development of the exercise, units of the 21st Army Transmissions Regiment will support SOFEX-24 with the establishment, management and maintenance of the Mission Network, which will constitute the main mean of command, control and communications. In addition, there will be alternative means, provided by NATO, as well as satellite terminals.

Likewise, the Operations Command (MOPS in Spanish) will be the responsible for ensuring that the assessment is conducted to the highest NATO standards, being planned the presence of evaluators from Allied SOFCOM (NATO Special Operations Command) to certify the process.