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Participants in the XLV Course for Defence Attachés and Advisors visit the Joint Cyberspace Command

In Retamares, Madrid
March 11, 2024

Students of the XLV Course for Defence Attachés and Counsellors receive training on cyberspace threats

Seventeen students of the Course for Defence Attachés and Advisers have been taught at the Joint Cyberspace Command the necessary skills to stay "safe" in cyberspace by being exposed to the latest practices that cybercriminals use to commit their crimes.

This awareness is an essential complement to their training in order to be able to successfully carry out the work they will be doing in third countries, which puts them at the centre of attention in the cyber world.

The training received consisted, among other aspects, in showing them the tools and procedures that cybercriminals use to carry out their crimes. It was also emphasised that they should avoid being the weak link in the chain.

And as there is no substitute for experience they were also shown "live" how easy it is to take possession of a mobile phone, without the owner being aware of it.

The main objective of the day was to make them aware of the different risks involved in the positions they will be occupying in the Spanish Attaché Offices. This was achieved through the numerous questions raised and the discussions that arose from the ideas presented.