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The Joint Special Operations Command participates in the self-assessment of the Colombian Special Operations Task Group 'SOTG ARES'

February 13, 2024
  • A team has travelled to Colombia to develop the evaluation and certification of this SOTG in the field

A 'Mobile Training Team', MTT, composed of personnel from the Joint Special Operations Command and the Special Operations Units of the Army and Navy have travelled to Colombia to participate in and support the Level 2 self-assessment phase of the certification and validation process of a SOTG (Special Operations Task Group) of the Colombian Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). The objective of the validation is to enable them to participate as a NATO partner unit. Spain is the Alliance's designated Mentor Nation for this process.

The MTT has carried out the work that it has been doing periodically in the different areas of planning, advising and conducting operations. In this case, for the evaluation and certification of the aforementioned SOTG, the "Lanza del Sur 24A" exercise has been conducted between the Tolemaida Base and the Cartagena de Indias Naval Base.

The results have shown very positive progress, reflecting the effort and work of the JSOC, as well as the strong and continuous collaboration of the Joint Special Operations Command and the Spanish Special Operations Units in a certification process that has been carried out since 2021.