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Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) participates in 'Cyberco Conference'

In Brussels, Belgium
January 22, 2024
  • EU cybercommanders continue to make progress on key consensuses for the development of common cyber measures.
Brussels hosted the fifth edition of the meeting of European Union cyber commanders, CyberCo. A meeting in which progress has been made on the key points that were agreed at the fourth edition held in Madrid, and which will serve to continue laying the foundations for the necessary cooperation based on mutual trust, voluntariness and common interest.
The Commander of the MCCE, Vice Admiral Javier Roca Rivero, represented Spain at this important European Union meeting in the field of military cyber defence. Work has been done to continue with the roadmap in which the points of view and the different experiences of the EU countries, as well as the important know-how provided by the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the European Union Military Staff, have been taken into account.
The Belgian EU Presidency has added an extra element to this type of meeting by extending it to ambassadors dealing with cyberspace. Consequently, the political vision in this new area is added.
All countries are aware of the zeal with which security has to be treated. It has been realised that it is necessary to initiate cyber information exchanges to ensure the proper development of our tools, both nationally and internationally.
Steps continue to be taken to design a classified system for information exchange and to come up with a roadmap and concept that precisely defines the remit of CyberCo within the EU.
The EDA has expressed its full interest in enabling EU Member States to coordinate their national interests and objectives within the Union, while ensuring the security of our civilian population, critical infrastructure and democratic values. It also agrees to be the CyberCo Secretariat.