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Eurocorps and Spanish Joint Air Forces Command successfully complete 'Steadfast Jackal 23'.

In Stavanger, Norway
December 12, 2023
  • The third phase of this exercise has allowed for the evaluation of the Eurocorps Headquarters and the Joint Logistics Support Group as a basis for certification as a Joint Force Headquarters and Joint Air Forces Command.
The third and final phase of the 'Steadfast Jackal 23' exercise has successfully concluded for Spain. In addition to the Eurocorps Headquarters, the Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) and the Joint Forces Air Command (JFAC) have been evaluated for their certification for the NATO Response Force (NRF) in 2024.
This phase took place at the Joint Warfare Center (JWC) and Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base and consisted of an operational and tactical level Command Post/Computer Aided exercise, promoted by SHAPE.
A joint counter-insurgent operation had to be planned and executed mainly in the ground, cyber and air domains.
The conditions taken into account were:
  • A 360° environment focusing on NATO's southern strategic direction.
  • A comprehensive, fictional but realistic scenario addressing potential threats to NATO's southern flank in the Euro-Atlantic area.
  • The exercise's legal framework is based on No-Art.V, NATO's core mission of Operational Security and support to UN Peace Support Operations.
Operating in the territories of non-NATO nations, the environment created allowed for activities such as counter-terrorism support, counter-insurgency and assistance to local security forces. This requires close coordination with non-NATO host nations, military entities and a wide range of international organisations and non-governmental organisations.
The exercise scenario and subset addressed human security challenges and cross-cutting issues such as: protection of civilians, protection of cultural property, counter-trafficking and conflict prevention related to sexual violence, among others.
Nearly 400 Spanish military personnel have been involved in one way or another and have been responsible for this responsibility, both from the Eurocorps, occupying critical positions, and in support of the rest of the components that have made the exercise possible. Starting with the personnel of the Eurocorps Headquarters, followed by the JLSG personnel articulated on the basis of the Logistics Brigade, the personnel participating as 'augmentees' and as the exercise control cell (EXCON) and those who have formed part of the JFAC.
Spain has demonstrated the excellent preparation of its personnel to work in a multinational environment in accordance with NATO procedures, in which the demand for maximum performance is permanent.