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The NATO Centre of Excellence C-IED organises 'TEWE23' Seminar

Cartagena, Murcia
November 24, 2023
  • El The Technical Exploitation in Water Environment 2023 is an annual event focused on technical exploitation in water environment

The Centre of Excellence against Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED CoE) has developed the third edition of the Technical Exploitation in Water Environment Seminar (TEWE23) in Cartagena.

The Seminar was officially opened by the Admiral of Maritime Action Alfonso Delgado Moreno, who highlighted in his words the work carried out over the years by the C-IWEA over the years by the C-IED CoE for the benefit of global security and the challenge of technical operation in a complicated environment such as the aquatic environment.

Also in attendance, on behalf of the City Council, was the Councillor for Tourism, Beatriz Sánchez del Álamo who welcomed the participants in the 'TEWE23' to the city. For his part, the Colonel Director of the C-IED CoE, Javier Corbacho Margallo, thanked the participants for their attendance and for the support received support received from both the military authorities and the institutional authorities of Cartagena involved in the organisation of the event.

The opening of the Seminar was also attended by representatives of the Security Forces and Corps of the State and of the military units present in Cartagena.

This third edition of the seminar was organised with the collaboration of the Command of the Maritime Action Force Units, as well as the Diving Unit of the MCM Force, the Naval Special Warfare Force, the Cartagena Arsenal and the Groupe de plonnage demining divers unit Groupe de plongeurs démineurs de la Manche (GPD Manche) of the French French Marine Nationale. Speakers were also drawn from the CoE itself, the Army, the Navy, the National Police Corps, the Guardia Civil, as well as Guardia Civil, as well as from Sweden, France and Italy.

During the three days of the seminar, experts from six nations dedicated to the exploitation of the from six nations dedicated to the technical exploitation of all types of aquatic environments aquatic environment, with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge. The aim was to to create a favourable environment to enrich the technical profiles of the attendees with scientific knowledge and with scientific knowledge and promote the improvement of procedures and inter-agency procedures and inter-agency collaboration.

Prior to the Seminar, a series of exercises and tests were carried out on the effects of the exercises and tests on the effects of IEDs in the aquatic environment, both below and above the surface. These effects and their possible exploitation were analysed during the Seminar, with the lectures focusing on the effects derived from chemical-physical reactions, case studies, ship and vessel design and case studies, ship and infrastructure design, hazard analysis, collection and preservation of potential evidence. It has also dealt with knowledge of technical support for technical exploitation work in support of C-I-I combat. technical support in support of the C-IED fight.