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Joint Cyberspace Command participates in execise Cyber Coalition 2023

Retamares, Madrid
November 28, 2023
  • This exercise, organised by ACT NATO, is the Alliance's largest ever cyber defence effort.

Organised by the Estonian Cybersecurity Training and Exercise Centre, and under the leadership of Allied Command Transformation (ACT), the exercise is NATO's most significant annual cyber defence exercise.

The Atlantic Alliance considers cyber security and cyber defence to be the responsibility of each nation, and nations must prepare their respective agencies and units to deal with any threat from the cyber domain. However, there are plenty of tools designed to increase cooperation and mutual training between allies.

In this line, Cyber Coalition is an exercise of special interest and Spain takes on an important role through the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE), an internationally recognised unit that is very active in exercises of this type.

In addition, as a parallel exercise to the one organised by NATO, the national Cyber Bastion exercise is being conducted, which takes advantage of the Cyber Coalition's scenario to train operational skills and interoperability between the armed forces, the navy and the JCCM.

More than 1,000 participants from all 29 NATO members, international partners and European Union observers will come together in this exercise to practice their own tactics, techniques and procedures to test their effectiveness, creating the learning necessary to adapt these processes towards greater efficiency, while at the same time comparing countries against countries and increasing joint learning.

Cyberspace has been considered a fully-fledged field of operations since 2016, following the Warsaw summit, and our country shares the concern of the international body, not only by participating in this type of exercise, but also by evolving and investing efforts in developing our cyber capabilities.