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The ‘Dédalo’ Group will continue its deployment after leading the European exercise "MILEX-23".

En Cádiz
October 19, 2023
  • The Group will participate in NATO's enhanced surveillance activities over Eastern European countries and the largest amphibious exercise of the year.

Over the last week, Spain has hosted the first LIVEX-type manoeuvres -with deployment of forces on the ground- of the European Union, MILEX-23, in which 2,900 people from 19 countries have participated.

With the conduct of these exercises, led by the Expeditionary Battle Group "Daedalus 23" and framed within the new RDC (Rapid Deployment Capability) concept, the European Union has demonstrated its readiness to act in a crisis at any time.

Once the MILEX-23 exercise ends on Sunday 22 October, the Daedalus Group, made up of the ships "Juan Carlos I" and "Castilla", the frigate "Numancia", the Marine Infantry  Battalion I and the Harrier aircraft and helicopters of the Aircraft Flotilla, will continue its deployment in the Mediterranean as foreseen in its activity plan for this year.

Off the coast of Italy, they will take part in the 'Neptune Strike' enhanced surveillance and the 'Dynamic Mariner-Mare Aperto 23' exercise, one of NATO's largest exercises, which involves a major allied amphibious operation off the coast of Sardinia.

In parallel, it will provide associated support to the NATO operation "Sea Guardian", the purpose of which is to strengthen maritime security in the Mediterranean. It will also be integrated into the national mechanism led by the Navy from the Maritime Operations and Surveillance Centre (COVAM) in Cartagena.