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The first Basic Cyber Operations Course of the Military Cyber Operations School ends

Retamares, Madrid
October 13, 2023
  • The School is part of the Joint Cyberspace Command.

The first course given at the Military Cyber Operations School (EMCO) has been completed. This is the first Basic Course on Offensive, Defensive and ISR Cyber Operations, which began on 19 June.

This comprehensive teaching programme, consisting of an extensive curriculum, has provided students with basic level knowledge for the performance of their duties in positions related to cyber defence in the Armed Forces.

The Commander of the Joint Cyberspace Command, Major General Rafael García Hernández, presided over the closing ceremony of this multiple course, thanking the students for their efforts during the months of the course. The University of Vigo has played a fundamental role in this training, as they have been in charge of a large part of it.

The 23 Troops and Marines, 15 from the Army, 5 from the Navy and another 3 from the Air and Space Army, have successfully graduated from the course.

This type of training exponentially increases the capacity of the Armed Forces to operate in cyberspace in support of operations in this field.

The Military Cyber Operations School is already preparing for the next Basic Cyber Operations Specialisation Course (CBECO), which will begin in November. The steps that the Joint Cyberspace Command is taking to train, prepare and raise awareness among personnel will enable the Armed Forces to guarantee network security at all times, during the course of operations and in the event of any vicissitude.