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Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) staff visit new Army troops during their basic training

San Fernando, Cádiz
October 9, 2023
  • The fifteen soldiers who will serve in the MCCE have had the opportunity to receive a first-hand briefing on their future Unit during a meeting with the Command's Chief Warrant Officer and Master Corporal.

Personnel from the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) have visited the Army's Troop Training Centre No. 2 (CFOT No. 2). The purpose of the visit was to orient the first 15 soldiers who will be joining the MCCE directly from the Training Centre about their immediate future in the Command, where they will become part of the Cyberspace Operations Force (FOCE). After arriving at their new unit, they will take part in the 1st Basic Course of Specialisation in Cyber Operations (CBECO), taught at the MCCE itself through the Military School of Cyber Operations (EMCO).

The new itinerary for these military troops will enable them to acquire the basic and essential skills to be able to carry out their technical and operational functions. The Command has succeeded in structuring the necessary elements to ensure that the unit's needs are met throughout each and every link in the chain of its activities. From the final stages of their general training to their final training, both FOCE and EMCO, through CBECO, will ensure that the new soldiers are fully trained and prepared to protect the networks of our Armed Forces.

The organisational structures of our armies, as well as that of the Defence Staff (EMAD), are complex and can be confusing the first time they are studied.