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The Joint Cyberspace Command reminds us of the need for keeping one’s guard up during the summer period

July 28, 2023
  • Attempts of phishing and juice jacking are on the rise. Do not forget that you and your relatives are still profitable targets for cybercriminals

The Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE in Spanish), on the occasion of the summer holiday season, has launched a bulletin of awareness-raising of existing different cyberthreats. In summertime, a period in which security measures tend to be loosened, is when the highest percentage of cyberattacks take place and, therefore, it is the time of the year when one should be most alert.

For this reason, the MCCE provides a series of tips on the most typical and increasingly sophisticated attacks, such as phishing, security measures to be taken when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, good practices in the use of VPN or avoiding public USB ports, as they can be compromised in what is known as juice jacking.

As customary, the Command reminds us that ‘we are all combatants against a keyboard’. Indeed, this motto includes any device that has the option of Internet connection.

Basic tools that can help us are VPNs, which reduce the risk of interception as they operate from multiple IP addresses in different countries, and the updates of our software, whether being antivirus, applications or software, all of which can contribute to lock potential gateways to our devices.

Notwithstanding, awareness-raising is the most efficient tool at our disposal. We recommend that you share these tips with people around you.