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The National Cybersecurity Forum presents its latest work and includes the participation of the Joint Cyberspace Command

July 19, 2023
  • Public-private partnerships begin to bear fruit and new reports shed light on how to proceed against cyber threats.

The National Cybersecurity Forum, dependent on the National Cybersecurity Council, is an available space of public-private partnership and an essential tool to implement effectively the National Cybersecurity Strategy. Since its creation in 2020, the Forum has become a meeting point to deal with issues inherent to cybersecurity, as well as establishing effective coordination relationships among partners.

Cybersecurity, and cyber defence in general, are basic tools to combat threats that involve every citizen, whether they are public servants or not, and is responsible for their safety as soon as they make use of networks. As indicated in the Charter of Digital Rights, public authorities are in charge of ensuring citizen’s right to cybersecurity by promoting campaigns for awareness-raising and training in conjunction with the efforts made by civil society.

In this line, the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE in Spanish) also takes part in the National Cybersecurity Forum, representing one of the most relevant public pillars of defence. It is in charge not only of guaranteeing network independence for the Armed Forces, but also of portraying the objectives established by the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Furthermore, during this year’s Forum, needs, skills and challenges for public-private partnerships have been explored in detail, by means of reports and conferences, in the realm of cyber defence in companies in the Defence and Security Sector. Through the study of full development of technological skills, effective links between the MCCE, the Armed Forces and the industry sector of national security, which is crucial to stay ahead in cyber defence, are sought.