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The Joint Cyberspace Command takes part in the first NATO Virtual Cyber Incident Support Capability organised by Lithuania

July 17, 2023
  • The Cyberspace Command carries out an upskilling in cybersecurity with the other member states of the Alliance in Vilnius

Personnel of the Cyberspace Operations Force from the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE in Spanish) has participated in the pilot exercise in order to test out the “Virtual Cyber Incident Support Capability” (VCISC). It has been organised by the Ministry of Defence of Lithuania, on the occasion of the celebration of the NATO Summit in Vilnius.

This new capability was approved in the ministerial meeting of the Atlantic Alliance of June 2023 as a rapid, remote and voluntary response to the cyber incidents arising from significant malicious activities.

As a pilot experience, a real network used during the Summit has been taken for its monitoring by those cybersecurity bodies from the allies interested in participating in this first initiative. Communication systems and coordination procedures were tested with technical support from the National Cybersecurity Centre of Lithuania and of the NATO-provided Secretariat.

In this first activation, together with Spain and Lithuania, other nine nations (Albania, Belgium, Estonia, Poland, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia and Türkiye) have also taken part and have satisfactorily monitored the designated network.

As a result of this exercise, the VCISC procedures have been highlighted after being successfully tested, which will be used in the event of real need. Moreover, it has been a great opportunity to share international contacts in the field of cybersecurity.

Lithuania expressed its gratitude to the participating countries, among which Spain is found. Our country has demonstrated its commitment in the enhancement of cybersecurity skills in its current position of defence and deterrence, which has been reinforced after the Vilnius Summit.