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The Hispanic-Chilean Joint Commission has visited the facilities of the Joint Cyberspace Command

In Retamares, Madrid
June 30, 2023
  • The members of the delegation of Chile and Spain have become knowledgeable, among other issues, about the functioning of the Cyber Defence Operations Centre

Members of the Hispanic-Chilean Joint Commission have visited the facilities of the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE), headed by the Director of International Relations of the Undersecretary of Defence in Chile and, on the Spanish side, General Paulino García Diego, from the Directorate General of Defence Policy (DIGENPOL in Spanish).

The Chilean delegation showed great interest in knowing about the MCCE as well as its functions and current situation since the cyberspace domain is gaining more and more relevance due to the ongoing technological breakthroughs and digitalisation, a process that is becoming increasingly visible in our environment.

They have been welcomed by the Chief of Defence Staff, Captain Jose Ángel Hernández Rodríguez, who has exhibited the Command’s capacities and details of the newly created Cyber Defence Operations Centre.

The Commission has stated its intention to participate in the ‘Locked Shields 2024’ exercise, taking part of the Spanish team.

Spain and Chile reassure their bilateral relations and establish common guidelines by means of these institutional visits on issues such as cybersecurity and cyberoperations. Spain comply with its obligations not only within the Euro-Atlantic context limited to the southern flank, but also making an effective effort in maintaining excellent relations between Latin American countries.