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Lieutenant General Javier Fernández Sánchez, Spain's Military Representative to NATO and the EU, attends the Eurocorps Change of Command Ceremony.

In Strasbourg, France
June 29, 2023
  • During the military parade, General Devogelaere was relieved by General Gromadzinski, who takes command of the Eurocorps.

The Eurocorps handover ceremony began with the reception of the flags of the six framework nations, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Poland. After the Head of the Eurocorps joined the ceremony and greeted the civilian and military authorities, he reviewed the formation.

After the presentation of decorations, on behalf of the Spanish Armed Forces, the Spanish Military Representative to NATO and the EU (MILREP), Lieutenant General Javier Fernández Sanchez, was a witness of honour at the handover ceremony of the Chief of the Eurocorps. Lieutenant General Gromadzinski, from Poland, has assumed command of the Eurocorps, taking over from Lieutenant General Devogelaere, from Belgium. This is the first time that a Polish general has assumed command of the HQ since its foundation in 1992. Poland joined in January 2022 as the sixth Eurocorps framework nation.

After the military parade, the MILREP attended the reception for the authorities and guests, where he thanked General Devogelaere for the work he has done, congratulated General Gromadzinski on his new post and wished him luck in facing this great challenge.