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Military Cyber Operations School inaugurates its first course at the Joint Cyberspace Command

En Retamares, Madrid
June 19, 2023
  • The School kicks off representing the MCCE as a benchmark in cyberdefence education

Integrated into the Joint Cyberspace Command (MCCE) and under the direction of Colonel Francisco Palomo Pérez, the Military School of Cyber Operations (EMCO) begins its journey as an educational institution in the field of cyber defence with its first Basic Course in Cyber Operations.

Today, 22 military troops and sailors from different units of the Army, the Navy and the Air and Space Forces are beginning their basic training in cyber operations through three specialities: offensive, defensive and ISR (Information, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) operations.

The students will be trained by the University of Vigo through specialised teachers, which guarantees the education of future cyberdefence operators.

The EMCO, the first course of which will be held in person, has become a tool of the MCCE to ensure that new personnel are able to orient their skills and knowledge in the direction required by the Command. From now on, all new members will go through the School to receive the necessary specific training.

The Joint Cyberspace Command plans to grow in the coming years, and the EMCO is positioned as an offshoot of the JCCCM, indispensable to ensure that the unit is prepared to assume the responsibilities necessary to guarantee the Armed Forces' freedom of action on the networks, without depending on organisations outside the Command's organisational structure.