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The Joint Cyberspace Command receives the visit of the students of the Advanced Course on Intelligence of the Armed Forces

Retamares, Madrid
June 8, 2023
  • The Joint Cyberspace Command shares its capabilities, current situation and intelligence-related work with the students

The students of the Advanced Course in Intelligence of the Armed Forces visited the Retamares Base. They were able to learn about the tasks and attributions of the different Component Commands. During the visit to the Joint Cyberspace Command they received two lectures and got to know the most relevant facilities of the Command.

After being welcomed by the Commander of the Joint Cyberspace Command, Major General Rafael García Hernandez, head of the cooperation section explained the activities of the Command in detail. Among the most relevant information, they were told about the expansion of the Command's staff, which will soon see an increase in the number of personnel. The second lecture, given by the head of the Intelligence Section, dealt with the functions performed within the Command and complemented the information provided in the presentations on cyber threat intelligence that had already been given during the course. In particular, an update was given on the daily missions and activities of the cooperation section and the Exploitation Group. This was done with the participation of its head.

The work of the Joint Cyberspace Command is closely related to intelligence and operations in the grey area that characterises hybrid conflicts. The complexity of attributing a cyber attack, the importance of being able to analyse its traceability and the Command's response capacity make it an indispensable tool for guaranteeing the independence of the Armed Forces in the networks and for cooperating with future intelligence analysts, which is key so that, when the time comes, they can request the growing capabilities that our Command possesses.